Tokai Love Rock Les Paul (Heritage Cherry Sunburst) – $500


Everything is in near mint conditions as it is barely played, except buckle rash behind caused by a “friend”. Produces lovely, clear and crisp sound with long sustain.

Best Les Paul for the price! Made in China with high Tokai quality.


Peavey XXL 212 guitar combo amplifier made in USA – $2000


Discontinued, proudly made in USA. In great condition. The best Peavey amp that you can get without the hassle of maintenance and changing of tubes.

Suitable for any setting and venue, from bedroom play to studio use to rehearsal to all out gigging.

Enhanced and better than the legendary Peavey Bandits, Studio Pros, Revolutions and Specials..

Will include free footswitch if buyer is nice.

SX Les Paul electric guitar (Black Beauty) + Marshall amp – $300

sx-les-paul-1 sx-les-paul-2 sx-les-paul-3 sx-les-paul-4

marshall ms2 1 marshall ms2 2

SX Les Paul electric guitar + Marshall MS2 Portable Amplifier(made in KOREA)

Great condition SX Les Paul. SX is an internationally renowned guitar brand well praised by discerning American guitarists in American guitar forums. SX Les Paul is hard to find, mainly sold in Europe.

Comes with Marshall MS2 battery powered portable amplifier works perfectly. Rare discontinued Korea made version.

Cheapest Les Paul + Marshall combo you can find.

ONLY guitar and portable amp included, nothing else. No bag, cable. Will find a shipping box for you if you don’t have your own bag to bring.

Yamaha RGX120D made in Taiwan rare discontinued (black) + Marshall MS-2 Portable Amplifier (black) PACKAGE- $400

Yamaha RGX120D a Yamaha RGX120D b

marshall ms2 2 marshall ms2 1

Yamaha electric guitar proudly made in Taiwan, rare and discontinued.

Guitar works perfectly. Some rust and oxidation on metal parts. wood (body and neck) in great shape. just clean and string it up and you’ll be good to go.

no trem bar. comes with free bag.

Marshall MS2 battery powered portable amplifier works perfectly.

Rare discontinued Korea made version.

Jackson DXMGT (trans flame sunburst) – $800

20160130_165254 20160130_165444 20160130_165314 20160130_165540-1 20160130_165413

Rare, discontinued, proudly made in Japan. Seldom played, in great condition except for a small ding as shown in last picture.

Fixed bridge, 24 frets, American made EMG-HZ passive humbuckers, Jackson compound radius fretboard that make Jackson necks the best in the world. A true beauty with the trans flame sunburst. Can’t find Japanese made guitars of such high quality and low price anymore.

Hard Rocking Yamaha purple sparkle RGX/Pacifica Hybrid Superstrat – $650


Project guitar assembled with great care and thought into the choice of parts (the purple sparkle body is very eye catching and will be great for the stage, nickname I gave this guitar is “Deep Purple”):

Yamaha RGX121S purple sparkle body (body is HSH config which I hate, so converted it to H-H).

Yamaha Pacifica 112 neck

Chrome metal neck plate and screws

Chrome tremolo bridge with high quality block saddles (does not come with trem arm)

White control knobs

High quality American pickups: purple DiMarzio Evolution bridge humbucker, black Gibson 496R neck humbucker

High quality 3 way switch

In excellent condition! 1 of a kind guitar in the whole world! It sounds as hard rocking as it looks and will suit you for any genre as long as it’s heavy. This will smoke any MII and MIC Ibanez out there.