Jackson KVX10 (black) – $800

jackson kvx10

Made in Japan, discontinued early version with the fixed bridge. Player’s cosmetic condition. Working condition is perfect. This is a player’s guitar, a metalhead’s axe. Ultra rare. Chrome covers added to the default Duncan Designed humbuckers for a nicer look and warmer tone.


ESP Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe Alexi Laiho Signature (white) – $850

edwards1 edwards2 edwards3 edwards4 edwards5 edwards6 edwards7


Hardware and electronics taken out. What you see is what you get. Neck thru construction, body and neck in great condition. A bargain priced guitar and a good base for you to slap your favourite parts onto.

Rare Flying V electric guitar from Samick (black) – $400

samick v1 samick v2 samick v3 samick v5 samick v6

This is a rare Samick Flying V guitar as shown in very nice condition. I don’t think many of these were ever made. Never seen any other Samick Flying V. In excellent condition, just a really lightweight well built and fast action guitar, possibly a prototype.

Samick is the world’s biggest manufacturer of guitars, they are licensed builders for many other brand names such as Fender/Squier, Ibanez, Gibson/Epiphone etc.

Jackson King V electric guitar (black) – $550

kingv1 kingv2 kingv3


Body is Jackson JS32KV fixed bridge, neck is from an older discontinued Jackson Performer.

Black Jackson King Vs are hard to find anywhere, and essential for pulling off the Dave Mustaine and Megadeth look and sound. I use this for Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc etc and it has never let me down.

Excuse the dust in the pictures. Will look brand spanking new after a good cleaning and polish. There is no bag for this, will come with the shipping box.