Stan Hinesley (formerly known as HAS Sound pickups) Viper, Hellion, Dropzone, Scorpion

stan hinesley scorpion 1 stan hinesley scorpion 2


stan hinesley hellion dropzone 1 stan hinesley hellion dropzone 2

stan hinesley viper 1 stan hinesley viper 2

What you see is what you get:

Hellion: White, bridge position, F spaced. Used, comes with box (not pictured). $160

Dropzone: White, bridge position, F spaced. Used, pickup only. $160

Viper: Black, bridge position, F spaced. Used, pickup only. $160

Scorpion: Black, bridge position, F spaced. Brand new unused, comes with box, screws and springs. $200

Special price if you buy all 4 together: $500

Boutique pickups, discontinued, ultra rare. Stan Hinesley pickups (formerly known as HAS Sound pickups) are very well received in the international guitar community. These are boutique handmade pickups which are way better than your typical Duncans and DiMarzios, all these had to be custom ordered and they were scatter wound, the boutique/custom way of pickup winding resulting in nicer tone. Proudly handmade in USA.