Schecter 006 Deluxe Diamond Series MIK (Vampyre Red Satin) – $500

schecter 006 deluxe1 schecter 006 deluxe2 schecter 006 deluxe3 schecter 006 deluxe4 schecter 006 deluxe5 schecter 006 deluxe6

Discontinued Schecter Diamond Series 006 Deluxe guitar made in Korea. In great condition and installed with premium industry gold standard Grover tuners. This piece was also setup by Schecter in the USA, as shown on the sticker. Rare beautiful Vampyre Red Satin finish as favoured by the legendary Jeff Loomis on his signature Schecter guitar.


Schecter Omen 6 Diamond Series MIK version (black) – $500

schecter omen61 schecter omen62 schecter omen63 schecter omen64 schecter omen65 schecter omen66 schecter omen67 schecter omen68

Good condition, low action Schecter Diamond Series Omen 6 made in Korea. The Korean version has been discontinued and is better constructed with higher quality than the cheaper and lousier China versions. This piece was also setup by Schecter in the USA, as shown on the sticker.

Schecter Omen Extreme 6 (quilted amber sunburst) – $650




omen extreme1 omen extreme2 omen extreme3

Great condition discontinued Schecter Omen 6 Extreme made in Korea. Upgraded with EMG 85/85 set and EMG PA2 preamp booster (clean volume boost for your solos). Heavy toneful Mahogany body, high quality dark Rosewood fretboard, high quality beautiful quilted Maple top. Great wood, construction and upgrades.

Strap pictured is NOT included.