Samick LW-017 acoustic guitar (matte natural brown) with ESP leather bag – $120

In good playing condition, vintage year 1995 made guitar, gave it a good servicing and cleaning.

Rare and discontinued acoustic guitar from Samick. Inspired by Martin full mahogany dreadnoughts such as the D15 and D15M models. The same rustic earthly look and feel of the Martin classics.. with a great sound all of its own.

This is pure vintage Samick, out of production, better than the replacement brand Greg Bennett.

Rare Flying V electric guitar from Samick (black) – $400

samick v1 samick v2 samick v3 samick v5 samick v6

This is a rare Samick Flying V guitar as shown in very nice condition. I don’t think many of these were ever made. Never seen any other Samick Flying V. In excellent condition, just a really lightweight well built and fast action guitar, possibly a prototype.

Samick is the world’s biggest manufacturer of guitars, they are licensed builders for many other brand names such as Fender/Squier, Ibanez, Gibson/Epiphone etc.