Brand New in package: Gotoh Floyd Rose locking nut GHL-1C (chrome) – $50

gotoh fr nut

Brand New in package unused Gotoh top mount LOCKING NUT 43mm complete set with all mounting hardware, string retainer bar, metal shim and wrenches. This is a vast improvement over your locking nut if you are not already using OFR, Gotoh or equivalent quality. The cheapo nuts can’t clamp down the strings tight enough, causing them to slip, causing tuning instability. No such problem with this high quality and durable locking nut. Install, play, enjoy and forget. Made in Japan.


Gotoh Floyd Rose (Cosmo Black) – $150

gotoh floyd rose1 gotoh floyd rose2

Needs no introduction.

What you see is what you get. These are all you need to replace your crappy stock licensed Floyd on your import guitar because the studs etc are all already on your guitar.