Buyer Etiquette & timewasters

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Offender’s picture and phone number fully censored as this is an educational and informative post, not a shaming one. I have encountered tons of timewasters and this is just the latest episode so I’ll use this as a convenient example for sharing.

Takeaways from this episode:

1. If buyer is not serious in buying anything, at least do not inconvenience or make a fool of seller, who has to reschedule his time and make preparations etc in anticipation of buyer coming over to test and check things out.

2. There was no valid reason to reschedule from 11am to 12pm, buyer never offered any reason and it just looks like buyer wanted to sleep more. I should not have allowed reschedule of meeting time from 11am to 12pm.

3. Reschedule on a case by case basis could be given as a leeway in cases of real emergency, but this buyer just reeks of excuses. Because duties are scheduled way in advance, and even if there is a genuine “last minute duty”, I would have been informed way early in the day, not close to the meeting time and I was preparing my gear. I have tons of guitars and the mere finding and taking guitars out are very time consuming.

4. Buyer did not offer a concrete date and time that he will turn up for real and did not reply further when I communicated the inconvenience I went through. This is making an indefinite delay (1 day? 1 month? 1 year? forever? never?) which lacks courtesy. I have come across tons of timewasters, and of all who made indefinite delays, none replied with a definite date and time, much less show up. Some variants of timewasters give a concrete date far in the future (end of month or week) then go missing on the day itself, no show and no reply.

5. Many hours later, upon my probing for a definite date and time, buyer came up with another excuse to drag this indefinitely. This just proves point 4 right to me, AGAIN. This whole thing reeks of a juvenile prank.

I can identify timewasters very easily due to many such encounters, and I am not inclined to entertain such people. So, I have to lay down the following Buyer Etiquette:

Only serious buyers may WhatsApp 8six 5six five five 2one for fast deal. Only deal at my void deck in west side. Any message asking for trade, bargaining, deal in other area or questions about things already mentioned in this advert will not be answered. Don’t contact me if you can’t keep to your word and appointments. Only contact me when you are ready to deal within 2 days of contact. If no bag or case is mentioned = not included, don’t ask for freebies. 

DO NOT call as I don’t answer calls from unfamiliar numbers.