Hard Rocking Yamaha purple sparkle RGX/Pacifica Hybrid Superstrat – $650


Project guitar assembled with great care and thought into the choice of parts (the purple sparkle body is very eye catching and will be great for the stage, nickname I gave this guitar is “Deep Purple”):

Yamaha RGX121S purple sparkle body (body is HSH config which I hate, so converted it to H-H).

Yamaha Pacifica 112 neck

Chrome metal neck plate and screws

Chrome tremolo bridge with high quality block saddles (does not come with trem arm)

White control knobs

High quality American pickups: purple DiMarzio Evolution bridge humbucker, black Gibson 496R neck humbucker

High quality 3 way switch

In excellent condition! 1 of a kind guitar in the whole world! It sounds as hard rocking as it looks and will suit you for any genre as long as it’s heavy. This will smoke any MII and MIC Ibanez out there.


DiMarzio Liquifire and ToneZone

dimarzio liquifire tonezone 1 dimarzio liquifire tonezone 2

Liquifire: cream, neck position, regular spaced (all neck pickups should be regular spaced)

ToneZone: black, bridge position, regular spaced

Both in excellent condition as per pictures. Pickups only, nothing else.

$180 for the set.