AXL Badwater SRO (brown) – $300

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A very rare, unique and discontinued guitar.. factory reliced..

Upgraded with:

Inlays: Genuine mother-of-pearl dot inlays done by Vincent

Tusq XL nut

Jackson tuners

Bridge: Custom Heavy-Duty Stavas Alloy Bridge with big brass block machined by Andy (Eclizpe)¬†of Aldridge Empire. This is a top quality bridge that is quite¬†impossible to buy now as the creator seems to be inactive now. The quality of this bridge alone is worth the price I’m asking for the guitar!

Knobs: Custom Wooden Knobs and Pickup-Selector Knob


Pots are stuck. Hence clearing cheap.

Lastly, the Stavas trem from Andy is simply a work of art – the trem-bar is a drop-in, and the trem-block is heavy.
It’s one solid piece of heavy-ass brass that really aids in the transference of the vibrations.
It really helps with the sustain, wonderful piece of precision crafting.