Unplayed Yamaha LS6 (natural) acoustic guitar, upgraded with Tusq nut, saddle and Brass tone pins + case – $950

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Unplayed handmade Yamaha LS6 in brand new mint condition, unplayed as evidenced by the full fret life. Bought it, upgraded nut and saddle to Tusq, upgraded bridge pins to brass tone pins, changed the strings, set it up then kept away in the case.

The neck is arrow straight and action is comfortable. During setup of the Tusq nut and saddle, shims were used as pictured to get optimum playability and tone.

The tone is bright and clear, with good projection and volume.

The solid Engelmann Spruce top is of high quality: tight straight grains, alpine white complexion and there’s even flames, which I tried my best to capture with my camera but the pictures don’t do it justice – it looks much nicer in person.

You get the guitar (setup with the upgrades already on it), the Yamaha case, and items in the last picture: manual, papers, hang tag, the packaging for the Tusq saddle and brass tone pins, and a small ziplock bag containing the original plastic nut, saddle and bridge pins as well as 2 plastic shims for the saddle.