Peavey Predator Plus (Translucent Green) + Peavey Audition 30 made in USA amplifier PACKAGE – $500

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Great condition. Electronics fully working.

Discontinued Korean made model with special features: Grover self locking tuners (already cost $100+) and kill switch.

The fingerboard is made of high quality rosewood and is special: it feels wide and flat (uncommon to find). This makes it very comfortable to play and perfect for you to execute or practice chording, finger picking and sweep picking. Most guitar fretboards out there are narrow and with a round radius/surface, making it harder to execute or practice those techniques.

Comes with Peavey Audition 30 amplifier.


Pristine condition Peavey Audition 30 amp, even the screws have not rusted! Still have the hang tag! Discontinued amp, rare and made in the USA.