Washburn Soloist Distortion (Brand New in Box) – $80

washburn soloist distortion1 washburn soloist distortion2

The Washburn Soloist Distortion pedal is the exact same pedal as the Artec Soloist Distortion and Dragonfly Effectors Black Metal Distortion (limited to 666 pieces worldwide), just rebranded. Artec is the manufacturer of all these pedals, Washburn and Dragonfly Effectors rebranded and licensed to sell under their own brand name.

Sounds natural, smooth and organic, not overpowering, not fizzy, not saturated, lets your guitar, pickups and amp’s natural tone shine through. Not noisy at all. This is very versatile, goes between overdrive to distortion, can do liquid leads and thick rhythms, that’s why even the Dragonfly Effectors Black Metal pedal got into the fray to license this..

Solo demo:

Full band with lead and rhythm guitars demo:

Rhythm demo: